//Wild Bill Helps P!nk Embrace Her Inner Cowgirl

Wild Bill Helps P!nk Embrace Her Inner Cowgirl

Designs custom boots and belt buckle for Grammy-winning artist’s Beautiful Trama tour

Wild Bill’s Western Store helped P!nk add a little southern flare to her performance at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on May 1. The artist received authentic, custom-made cowboy boots and a flashy, Texan belt buckle custom designed by Wild Bill’s Western Store.

The three-time Grammy-winning artist rocked her bedazzled Texan attire as soon as she received it, and Wild Bill himself attended the concert the following night.

“My genre is usually country and blues, but I was amazed at the performance by P!nk! The vocals and music touched my spirit,” said Wild Bill’s owner Bill Dewbre. “The showmanship was over the top, and I want to truly thank everyone for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful experience.”

Dewbre said he didn’t realize the depth of P!nk’s heart or how much she cared about her fans until he went to the concert. Her love for people shows through her sincerity and warmth on stage, according to Dewbre.

“We try to provide a warm, welcoming Texas experience for everyone who visits our store, and we’re glad to find a kindred, kind soul in P!nk,” said Dewbre. “She’s what we’d call an honorary Texan.”

P!nk continues her Beautiful Trauma World Tour headed west, dawning a true Texas wardrobe meant for a star.

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