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How It Works

1. Select Your Boots

Based on your budget, we will put together a beautiful selection of boot styles – $200.00 a pair is a good starting point for a nice quality, all leather boot.   Your guests will choose their favorite design. Wild Bill’s staff will be available to individually fit each guest.

2. Setup & Staffing

After choosing their boot style, the next step will be the try-on area.  We set up one area for men and one area for women.  Wild Bill’s friendly staff individually fits each guest to ensure their boots fit when they arrive.

3. Shipping

Boots will be drop shipped directly to your guest’s home or office.  They typically arrive within two weeks of the event.  Shipping charges can be charged directly to your UPS or Fed Ex account.

4.Travel (If Applicable)

Travel fees do not apply for events held within the DFW area.  If you event is outside the DFW area, don’t worry, we can bring the Wild West to you.

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Men’s Boots



Women’s Boots

  • We suggest you consider starting at $200.00 per pair for a nice quality, basic, all leather boot.
  • Boots are available in a very wide range of prices. If your budget allows for a higher price point boot, the selection would include more intricate designs and prestigious quality skins.
  • We choose from the best selling styles within your budget – making sure all are available for immediate delivery
  • Boots can also be custom designed with your company logo.

Our setup system includes a great selection of styles for your guests to choose from along with try-on boots in every size.

  • A great selection of styles – giving your guests the opportunity to choose their favorite color and design
  • The proper fit – Try on boots in every size to ensure each guest receives the correct size
  • Wild Bill’s Professional Staff on hand to personally fit each guest
  • Cost of Staff – depends on number of guests and time allotted for the event
    • Example – 100 pair event – 6 Wild Bill’s Staff – $600.00
Boots will be drop shipped directly to your guests at their home or office.

  • Boots are ordered within two days of the event
  • Typically all boots arrive within two weeks of the event
  • Drop Ship Charges – $5.00 a pair
  • Shipping charges can be billed directly to your UPS or Fed Ex account. Shipping to locations within the contiguous U.S. averages $15.00 a pair
  • Travel Fees are not charged within the DFW Metroplex
  • Travel Fees will be charged for events outside the DFW Metroplex
  • Mileage fee for truck & trailer
  • Hotel rooms & food for staff
  • Hourly rate for time traveling

MINIMUM PURCHASE: $5000 Merchandise Only — For On Site Events

  • Boots – depends on your budget – we suggest starting at $200.00 per pair
  • Set up – $750.00
  • Wild Bill’s Staff – depends on number of people at event and time allotted – typically ranges from $500-1200
  • Shipping
    • Drop Ship Fee – $5.00 per pair
    • Shipping Charges – typically bill directly to your UPS or Fed Ex account number
      • Average cost within Contiguous U.S – $15.00 per pair