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Branding Irons:

People skilled in marketing talk about “Building Your Brand”
Branding Irons are a clever and creative gift to accentuate this idea.

  • Choose the type of branding iron
    • Decorative branding irons are  for display only.  They are made of pewter and can be gold or silver plated.  The words, logo or icon on the branding iron can be read.
    • Functioning branding irons can be heated and used for branding.  They are made of brass.  These brands are mirror images of the words, logo or icon and therefore cannot be easily read until used.
  • Presentation – we offer wooden gift boxes with your company logo branded on top of the box
  • Branding Fees
    • Commercial quality brand of your company logo – $200.00
    • Fees for branding wooden presentation boxes – $2.00 each
  • Lead Time – 8 weeks from approval of artwork.


Badges are reminiscent of the Old West.  Wearing a Badge was a symbol of authority and commitment.

Wild Bill will personally deputize your attendees as official posse members of your organization – swearing them in as committed members of your team.

  • Choose the style of your custom badges – Texas Ranger style badges inlaid with your company logo are our most popular design.
  • Send us the artwork with your company logo and/or slogan
  • Badges available with magnetic back or pin.
  • Minimum Order is 100 badges
  • Lead time – 8 weeks from approval of artwork.

Tooled Leather Luggage Tags and Card Cases:

Unique gifts branded with your company logo and remembered by your guests each time they pack for a trip or hand someone their business cards.

  • Choose between tooled leather luggage tags, and card cases or offer an assortment.
  • Would you prefer to use them as part of your pre-event mail out or to have them branded and ready to distribute at your event.
  • We can also brand during your event.
  • Lead Time – 4-6 weeks from approval of art



Custom Buckles – Create a custom buckle with your company logo / symbol / slogan

  • Choose the style and shape of your buckle.
  • Cost of buckles depends on materials used.  Buckles can be made of Pewter, Nickel Silver, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold
  • Starting price for a custom buckle is $20.00 each
  • Mold charge for a custom buckle depends on complexity of design.
  • Minimum Order – 100 units
  • Lead Time – 8 weeks from approval of artwork

Buckle Assortment – Offer an assortment of buckles and let your guests choose their favorite design

  • Wild Bill’s provides an assortment of our top selling buckle designs.
  • Prices start at $15.00 per buckle


  • We bring samples of belt styles and try on belts for sizing to your event.
  • Your guests choose their favorite style and our team measures them for their correct size.
  • Belts arrive at Wild Bill’s within a week
  • Belts can be branded with your logo and shipped to your guests.
  • Starting price ranges from $29-35.00 for basic belts – available in black and brown – smooth leather or tooled leather –  specially designed for western buckles.
  • Belts are also available with more ornamentation and in exotic leather – contact us for pricing
  • BRANDING BELTS (optional)– your company logo can be branded on the back of the belts
    • Commercial Branding Iron – $200.00 each
    • Brand each belt with your logo  – $2.00 each
  • Shipping Charges can be billed directly to your UPS or Fed Ex account